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Gourmets have been able to buy spices, spice mixes and tea from all over the world at Gewürz Mayer since 1952.

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Tips & tricks such as spices storage, use or origin as well as recipes and news can be found in our spices blog.

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About Gewürz Mayer

Spice trade in the third generation. Information about the family business Gewürz Mayer can be found here.

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Understanding of quality

Decades of experience in buying and selling spices, constant supply of fresh goods through small production quantities...

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About Mayer's Spices Shop Buy Mayer's spices online

Welcome to the online shop of Gewürz Mayer, the specialist retailer for spices in German-speaking countries.

As an owner-managed business, we have specialised in the sale of spices, spice blends, tea and unusual ingredients for cooking, grilling and baking since 1952. Our range includes pure spices, spice blends and herbs, herbal tea and real tea, as well as numerous cooking aids. With almost 600 articles, we offer a wide range, including very unusual spices and blends that are not available anywhere else.

Our spices Range includes almost 300 individual spices. Including fancy peppers, high-quality salt, numerous regional specialities, exclusive qualities of everyday spices and almost every spice that is mentioned in cookbooks.

We also offer over 150 spice mixtures. These are composed of suitable mixtures for the preparation of the most popular dishes of the local cuisine and numerous traditional mixtures of the national cuisines of all continents. The latter include oriental spice mixtures, mixtures from North, Central and South America, Spice preparations for African dishes, many Indian spices such as 13 curry mixes, spice mixes for Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine and classic mixes for Mediterranean cuisine.

Our range of teas includes the most important mono-herbs, classic herbal tea blends, Fruit tea and the most popular Black tea and Green Tea. In addition, we offer numerous Cooking and baking aids that do not fit into the above categories. These include various types of sugar, delicatessen, freeze-dried fruit, raising agents, containers for storing spices, herbs and tea and for their processing such as spice mills and graters.